Tetrix 200 DC Comfort 2.0 puls

Gas-cooled DC TIG inverter welding machine
TIG welding
Features characteristics for EWM activArc and EWM spotArc at no extra charge
Electronic HF start
TIG lift arc welding without HF
TIG average value pulsing: the preset welding current is maintained at all times, so particularly suitable for welding as per welding procedure specification

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  • Adjustable pulse frequency and balance
  • Non-latched/latched operation
  • Reduced secondary current accessible using torch trigger
  • Spot welding/tack function (spotArc/spotmatic)
  • Adjustable up-slope and down-slope time
  • Adjustable gas pre- and post-flow time
  • MMA welding
  • MMA average value pulsing
  • Adjustable hot start current and hot start time
  • Adjustable Arcforce
  • Antistick function
  • Highlights
  • Energy-saving thanks to high efficiency and standby function
  • Connection capability for remote control and function torch
  • 3.5 m mains supply lead with 16 A shock-proof plug
  • Overvoltage protection: No damage to machine caused if inadvertently connected to 400-V mains voltage

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